WE: You and I

GOTTA: Have got to, implies mutual realization

BELIEVE: To have confidence or faith in the truth of (something or someone), regard as true, accept, give credence to, credit, trust, put confidence in

We all have an understanding of what it is to believe in something--our favorite sports teams, for instance. We wear and display their jerseys and emblems, and we're on their side, win or lose. This is an example of believing in something, but what about someone? We don't often think about that.

Think of the person who has had the greatest impact on your life. Maybe someone who has always been there for you through thick and thin, for better or worse. Chances are that this is a person you believe in, and not just because they benefit you. This is someone you'll follow no matter what everyone else thinks. You believe that they always have your best interests at heart, and if their way conflicts with your way, you're often willing to go the way they suggest or certainly be humble enough to find a compromise. One such person for me was my dad. Who is yours?

Our belief in that special person in our life holds many truths as far as who the person is, what they represent, what we would do for them, how it changes us inside, and the difference our belief in them makes in our lives. And that is just to mention a few truths. Yet when we share those truths with others, they very often get a very different impression of the person. Maybe because they have not met them. Maybe because of what someone else said about them. Maybe, someone they do not like likes the person we believe so much in.

Having said that, let me share the truths about Him as simply as I can: Jesus loves us so much that He died, was buried, and rose again to make the payment for all our sin as only He could do. Why did He do it? Because His love for us made Him want to make us part of God's family, which sin simply prevented from happening. Once sin was paid for, we could have heaven as our eternity. Yet it is left to our choice whether to believe in Him or not. I am sharing "We Gotta Believe" but we also "got a choice." If we do believe, can we believe in spite of peer pressure? Can we speak freely about our belief? Will we still believe when we are told that we must deny our belief in order to buy or sell anything?

The belief in Him is much like the belief and faith we have in those special people in our lives. We need the belief that He can and will act for our greater good and do for us what we cannot for ourselves. We need the belief in His love for us.

"Whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.*"

It goes without saying that we should not allow what we may have heard, experienced, perceived, or been taught about Him keep us from doing what He simply asks, "Believe in me." There are many ways people choose to share the love of God. Possibly something has turned us away before, but the simple truth remains: He loves us and we are invited to accept His love and believe in Him. We Gotta Believe!

Friend, I urge you to step out with a simple belief and see how your understanding and belief grows each day. Hear His unbiased story as told by several in the Bible. Above all, do not allow you yourself in any way keep you from believing in Him. Not fear, not pride, not self-sufficiency, not ego. Don't have to wait for the next church service or opportunity to walk the aisle. It all can start right now. You've just Gotta Believe!


"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." John 3:16-17 *

Listen to His story dramatically read for greater understanding here: Dramatized Audio of John Chapter 3 at Bible Gateway

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Do we still seek better understanding? Do we look for the wisdom of truth? Do we even seek knowledge? We often study and get degrees only for a career and it's monetary gain. Our peace of mind is left to chance or the outcome of our career. All said and done, we never with no bias ask, "Being there is most likely a creator, I would like to know you." And if we do we get impatient for the answer.

When we meet someone new, it usually takes a while to get to really know the other person if we chose to get to know them. Even if you sat down and let them share their "entire life story", it still would be just a beginning. Family members take a lifetime to know each other and to truly share a life together. Sometimes our closeness is short-lived and the belief in each other is more real to one than the other. Yet somehow we impatiently cannot give our creator regular time for us to know Him.

Funny thing is, there is actually an advantage to getting to know Him. As our creator, He knows us. He is more than willing to sit with us so we can share our life story. His motives are genuine not like others who we later find out only friended us for what they could get from us. That is not to say that everyone who friends us "in His name" always has the right motives but let's not turn a deaf ear to Him because of others.

In each day let us ask to get to know Him. Let us take on the activity of seeking Him. It could be in church activities but it does not have to be. It does not always happen overnight but it can start now and grow one day at a time. This is not a chore if it becomes that then we may be seeking in the wrong direction. Or possibly we need to go just a little bit further.

As I have reached my 60 years I cannot say I have never lost my closeness with my Friend or understood how I wound up where I did or have. Yet I always believed He was there and I only had to ask Him for me to see Him more clearly. Belief in Him... that is what He asks... we gotta believe.

Have we asked to know Him?

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Mathew 7:7*

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