Pedrali Wood Division Celebrates 10 Years

Pedrali WoodThe Pedrali Wood Division is celebrating 10 years of operation with the expansion of its production unit in Manzano. Here they have invested in the latest technical machinery including a new robotic painting system, which uses water-based paint products and numerically controlled machines for milling and contouring, and hollow-core board presses for bonding. A team of skilled craftsmen use these methods to create beautiful contemporary furniture from the very finest wood available.Pedrali FSC certification Since 2006 the Wood Division has seen the creation of numerous collections, including Frida, the oak chair designed by Odo Fioravanti, which was awarded the XXII ADI Compasso d'Oro prize in 2011 for its simple sculptural elegance.

Pedrali believe in manufacturing most of the work of their furniture collections internally using plastic, metal and upholstered materials.

The result is a collection of contemporary chairs, modern tables and furnishing accessories developed with the idea of using the very finest wood such as oak, ash and walnut. It involves focusing on multi-layer and hollow-core boards rather than solid wood, developing high-grade interlocking and bonding solutions and combining plastics and metals.

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